A place, a bench, a tree

Around the Church of Santiago
Calle Barriocepo 8 and surroundings

A place, a bench, and a tree to sit in the shade…

The place, the Parish Church of Santiago and its surrounding area.

Discover the surrounding area of Santiago through this intervention.

An intervention that is split into pieces to encourage a journey.

A journey that seeks to highlight the most significant urban spaces around the Parish Church of Santiago.

Five urban spaces have been chosen: Crossroads (c. Barriocepo and Travesía Excuevas); the Arch of Santiago; Pilgrim’s Fountain with Plaza de la Oca; Terrace at the Parque del Ebro; and the remains of the ancient wall of Logroño located in the Plazuela Alfonso de Salazar.

Five locations that contain five objects considered to be urban furniture. Objects that stem from a pentagon. A pentagon that is split into five parts, each of them looking for their location.

Each object, made of plywood, will be composed of a bench and a tree. A bench of different heights, depending on where it is located, and a tree of the same variety of the area, to provide shade for the bench.

An intervention in a single place, trees of varieties of the area, casting shadows that change throughout the day, benches of different heights, in a place with a tree to sit in its shade…


Blurarquitectura is an architectural firm specialising in new constructions and renovations. They are one of the teams invited after becoming a finalist in the previous edition of the contest to design the pavilion.

At Concéntrico 04 they will create an intervention at one of the new festival spaces: the area surrounding the Church of Santiago, in the historic city centre.

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