Viña Lanciano – Bodegas LAN

Fernando Cruzado, Julia Díaz, Francisco Javier Fernández y Ane Villaverde

Fernando Cruzado, Julia Díaz, Francisco Javier Fernández and Ane Villaverde with their work Glimpse are the winners of the competition held by Concéntrico 04 to design the intervention at Viña Lanciano from Bodegas LAN.

Strolling through the countryside of La Rioja gives us an awareness of the territory and time and again reminds of the place in which we find ourselves. The possibility of looking to the horizon across its rolling plains, meeting the sierra in the distance, gives walkers the pleasure of looking at a long and broad landscape.

Viña Lanciano, located at a bend in the River Ebro, offers us the opportunity to explore this idea of the consciousness of the territory.

Through the intervention with Concéntrico we wanted to elevate ourselves in this terrain, create a landmark that will be visible well beyond the borders of La Rioja. The call of a place, a “there’s something there” – that’s what we look at, we notice, and is part of what we call the landscape.

A web of red lines mark a vertical thickness, crowned by an ambiguous cloud which, just like the mass of trees along the river, sways with the wind.

The landscape of La Rioja is not only territory. It is also textures and rhythms. The lines marked by the vineyards surround us, creating a verdant wall on both sides of the road, or generating a series of rows that we can walk through, go at a leisurely pace perceiving what lies behind.

That is why the intervention Glimpse is also an experimental path. An action that surrounds you and calls out to be travelled, playing with what can exist, be seen or be hidden.

Fernando Cruzado, Julia Díaz, Francisco Javier Fernández, Ane Villaverde

Fernando Cruzado Sallago (Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cádiz), Julia Díaz Beca (Sevilla), Francisco Javier Fernández García, Ane Villaverde García (Hernani, Guipuzkoa)

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