La chabola

Jorge Penadés

Courtyard of La Rioja Library

La chabola is an architectural exercise based on a experimental constructive system made out of tape.

In response to the brief: an installation in a public space with 20 standard wooden boards, the objective was to make the minimum intervention possible on the given material.

Inspired by physiotherapists and how they use kinesiology tape in human muscles, we studied how this knowledge could be translated and implemented into an architectural context, resulting in a temporary method of connecting different panels together.

Interested in this precise point where two very different worlds can overlap, this project propose a strabic approach to architecture; the outcome is an improvised shantyesque space that gets through and overflows the discipline, generating an anarchic vocabulary disconnected from any preexisting reference.

Jorge Penadés

Oficina Penadés is a Madrid-based office for experimental ideas founded in 2015 by Spanish designer Jorge Penadés.

Jorge cultivates a dissident approach to the contemporary notion of design; he audits heterodox ideas in order to generate non-standard outcomes, introducing alternative opportunities towards a more responsible social, cultural, economical or political contexts.

Born in a small fisherman´s village of Málaga, he originally studied interior design in Barcelona before graduating in December 2014 from Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Madrid with a Master´s degree in experimental design and conceptual thinking, directed by Katharina Mischer & Thomas Traxler.

His work has been legitimized by different museums, galleries and design venues including Vitra Design Museum (Weil am Rhein), National Museum Design (Stockholm), Museu del Disseny (Barcelona), The Aram Gallery (London), Villa Noailles (Hyères) or Rossana Orlandi (Milan).
Last year he has been nominated by the German Architectural Digest magazine for their ´AD Design Award 2017´ on the category of Product Design and has won the ´AD Nuevo talento Campari Award´ given by Spanish Architectural Digest magazine

In January 2018 opened ´Poli-Piel´, his first solo show with Madrid-based gallery Machado-Muñoz.

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