Collectif Parenthèse

Courtyard of the Cloister of Santa Maria de Palacio
Access via Calle Ruavieja 32 – 34

The history of the cloister is reflected in an accumulation of various architectural styles.

We propose to magnify the architecture of the Santa Maria de Palacio church by displaying each detail of the construction through a set of reflective elements to be inserted into the frames of the stained glass windows of the courtyard.

Cornices, mouldings, coatings, columns, openings, the sky, and nature, offer up to visitors an architectural kaleidoscope that produces infinite combinations of fragments, depending on location and the light of the sun.

Collectif Parenthèse

Collectif Parenthèse is comprised of a group of architects united under a common goal to experiment and practice a different way of architecture. They are primarily involved in projects that reflect on public space and events.

They have specialized in ephemeral architecture, plastic staging and interventions, and their practice is always oriented around experimentation within a wide range of resources, from conception to completion.

Working across different spatial and temporal scales, the group seeks to create recreational and evolutionary situations in order to forge new relationships to architectural or urban uses and contexts. Public space is for all, the culture of each person; that is they create visual, physical and social experiences for users of an architecture, a neighbourhood, an event.

In Concéntrico 04, they will incorporate into their research a space as unique as the courtyard of the cloister of the Palacio Church.

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