Amanita Musicaria

Information Pavilion
Plaza de Escuelas Trevijano
Concéntrico 04

Patricia Ramos Mateos, Miriam Alonso Barrio and Paula Mena Albarrán

Amanita Muscaria is intended to be a milestone, the starting point of the Concéntrico journey. Inspired by the geometry of mushrooms, they have created a circular pavilion, with a full roof, full of textures and colours.

Using a number of flat pieces they have created a dome with an interior volume that is different to the exterior, thereby achieving a double volume; in such a way that it creates an unusual element in the centre of Logroño which you approach with interest. This radial geometry produces a play of light and shadow on the ground of our pavilion, creating a space full of magic and promoting interaction between residents and visitors.

Just like the charming tradition of picking mushrooms in the forest, the pavilion is intended to be the starting point to search for and discover the architecture of the city.

The composition consists of a set of circles which conquer the plaza covering as much space as possible. Four spaces are set up as a geometric problem. A secant line crosses the information and relaxation area, a tangent to the existing tree pit, ending as a rope of the textile area.

The information dome invites you to explore it from the perimeter owing to the effect created by painted two of its opposite sides in one colour, and the other two in another. It displays a repetition of patterns that is almost hypnotising if you walk past it quickly.

When accessing the inside where the information is located, you’ll find a hidden circular window free of wood that makes you look towards the sky, making this into a meeting point for stargazing, and reminding you that nature also exists in the city.

Patricia Ramos, Miriam Alonso and Paula Mena

Miriam Alonso, Patricia Ramos and Paula Mena are the winning architects of the Pavilion design competition for Concéntrico 04, with Amanita Muscaria. Over the course of their careers they have worked with a number of different architecture studios, developing architectural and urban planning projects via a social perspective.