Cada Cuba Huele al Vino que Tiene

Plaza del Revellín
Concéntrico 03

DP Architects, Kyle Fulton – Takanao Todo

The Cooper’s Cabin, is a devotional space dedicated to Rioja wine. It is a pure distillation of not only the region; it’s soil, climate and grapes but also the wooden barrels used in the wine’s maturation.

Formally, each Cabin has been designed as a deconstructed wine barrel, the poplar plywood forming the staves and riveted wooden rings acting as hoops holding the whole construction together. The inside face of the wood has been stained a deep purple with the wine of the surrounding vineyards.

Experientially, each Cabin is entered ceremonially through a low door. Your eyes are directed towards the ground where a wine hued light represents the earth, then as you stand you see the sky above framed in a hooped oculus. As you begin to look about you notice the deep colour of the wood around you and then the scent of the wine soaked wood. It is an all-encompassing sensory experience which makes you a part of Logroño and the Rioja region.

DP Architects (Kyle Fulton + Takanao Todo)

The Design Team – Kyle Fulton & Takanao Todo of DP Architects, conceptualised the project from the company’s HQ in Singapore. DP Architects was founded in 1967 in Singapore, and since its inception has been driven by a philosophy devoted to place making and the shaping of a sustainable public domain. DP, which stands for Design Partnership, gives a true representation of the design process practiced within the office and with that in mind we would like to thank some of our partners on this project:

Mathieu Meur – DP Lighting
Kevin Sturrock – DP Façade
Joseph Sayre – Venturer Timberwork
And many more besides.