Circo aéreo


Installation at Concéntrico 06

Circo aéreo is an itinerary installation that explores the underused potential of empty urban spaces and their often inadequate and barren substitute functions, such as parking facilities. The object re-actives those underused locations by providing a stage for events, and a place to hang out, or rest.

Circo aéreo’ s lower body works both as a structural holder for the upper inflatable ring, as well as a seating amphitheater for events. The 4mt high inflatable is a canvas for projections and a light source for the evening, and a shading provider for hot days.

By lowering the inflatable entrance height to only 1.5 meters, the visitors are needing to lean down in order to get inside the installation. In this way, once inside, the user can experience being surrounded by the pure shape and infinity of the white circle.


KOGAA is an architecture practice started in 2015 by Tomas Kozelsky, Viktor Odstrčilík, and Alexandra Georgescu in Brno, Czech Republic.

The studio engages with architectural designing projects of all scales and is dedicated to creating projects with a positive impact on users, the environment and the surrounding community. Parallel to their architecture practice, the three partners have founded the slow development platform Social Reactor, tackling inactive structures and their adaptation into substitute functions.

KOGAA has recently lectured ad RIBA, the Royal Institute of British Architects and their projects have been published on architecture publications all around the World.

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