Ephemeral city

Casa Farías
Concéntrico 03


This piece is located in the historic centre of Logroño, on the patio of “Casas Farias,” an unknown place with very little foot traffic, and totally removed from the active setting that surrounds it.

The piece attempts to reside in that space volumetrically and geometrically by mimicking the space, creating and invented a city that can by occupied and moved through by the viewer, allowing the piece to leverage the relationship between individuals by simultaneously being a meeting point and a place where sociocultural activities can take place. It also allows the public to adapt it to their own functional needs as they are required in any given moment, adjusting to the activities being carried out through the placement of furniture.

The physical and visual permeability of the piece enables a relationship between spaces, allowing them to integrate with their environment, with vertical-slate-based façades that invite outside subjects to take part in the intensity of the activity therein contained and to have the capacity to stimulate the curiosity of passers-by, in a constant game of seduction, between showing and choosing during the limited time of the festival.