Caja Mágica

Information pavilion
Plaza Escuelas Trevijano
Concéntrico 01


A pavilion understood as an object of attraction (milestone) for the design and architecture festival. A box element, which takes height to see and be seen.

A volumetric game of geometry that tries to express the concept that from the simplest (a simple box), and with a mere gesture, a complex, rich and multi-faceted element (or functions) is achieved.


Blurarquitectura is an office dedicated to the world of construction and rehabilitation. From our technical area we carry out integral studies for buildings already constructed, both for the rehabilitation of facades, roofs or other subsystems of their heritage.

Blurarquitectura has a team of architects and technicians to solve with the maximum efficiency any project proposed in order to provide constant advice for the projected works. It is for this reason that we not only take care of writing up the project, but we also process the building permit with the city council and the subsidies with the administrations.