At Concéntrico 04 we aim to bring the festival’s activities to other cultural and professional contexts. With the support of the Spanish Cultural Program of Action (AC/E) for the Internationalization of Spanish Culture (PICE), we have organised the programme Discussions on curating, research, dissemination and teaching of architecture in contemporary formats. It seeks to promote knowledge and reflection on citizenry, presenting different festivals, universities, publications and events on architecture that connect realities and professionals from different countries: Portugal, France, Chile and Spain.

Editors in the city: the case of Caniche Editorial and Ediciones Rua

Concéntrico is engaging with the field of literature with the presence of two publishers who focus on the city in a similar way to the festival. They are Caniche Editorial and Ediciones Rua, with whom we will talk about the focus of their work and present Historia de la fuerza (History of strength) by David Bestué and Fisura (Fissure) by Ignacio Vleming. These activities are in collaboration with Santos Ochoa bookstore.

The final part of the programme is the participation of the La Rioja School of Design, the associate school of the festival, which includes the conference with Angélica Barco and the workshop with Caniche.


Discussions on curating, research and teaching

Concéntrico 04 Pavilion
Plaza de Escuelas Trevijano

This program will bring together teams of architects, designers and artists participating in Concéntrico 04 together with professionals invited through the AC/E Programme: Andreia Garcia, Antoine Aubinais, Michał Piernikowski and Pola Mora.

Discussion with Andreia Garcia, Sunday 29 April 13.00

Discussion with Antoine Aubinais, Sunday 29 April 19.30

Urban recycling workshop with Antoine Aubinais, Monday 30 April 11.00

Discussion with Pola Mora, Monday 30 April 13.00

Discussion with Michał Piernikowski, Tuesday 1 May 13.00

Editors in the city: the case of Caniche Editorial and Ediciones Rua

Santos Ochoa Calvo Sotelo

Historia de la fuerza – Caniche Editorial

With David Bestué, Carlos Copertone and Patxi Eguiluz

Saturday 28 April, 12.30


Fisura – Ediciones Rua

With Ignacio Vleming, Fernando Abellanas and Asier Rua

Monday 30 April, 19.30