Editors in the City


Librería Santos Ochoa


April 27th at 12:30 – Moises Puente
April 29th at 19:00 – Gerardo García-Ventosa / Fundación Arquia

Concéntrico approaches the field of literature with the presence of Moisés Puente and the Editorial of the Arquia Foundation.

Moises Puente, is an architect and editor. He works as an editor at Editorial Gustavo Gili where he directs his collection of classics. After years as editor of 2G magazine, he now directs it for the German publisher Walther König. He has edited, among others, the texts of Alejandro de la Sota, Josep Llinàs, Mies van der Rohe, Jørn Utzon, Olafur Eliasson, Philip Ursprung, Smiljan Radic and Andrés Jaque (in preparation), and is the author of monographs by Mies van der Rohe. Houses and Alejandro de la Sota (with Iñaki Ábalos and Josep Llinàs). In 2010 he received the FAD Prize for Thought and Criticism for his professional career as an editor and in 2016 he founded his own editorial Puente Editores dedicated to contemporary art and architecture texts.

Fundación Arquia, began its publishing career 30 years ago with the publication of publications aimed primarily at the academic world, becoming a reference in the architecture edition.