La Rioja School of Design

Concéntrico 04

Associate School

The La Rioja School of Design (ESDIR) is the festival’s associate school. It has participated in Concéntrico since the very first year, and this year it has created a special programme over various formats (an exhibition, an installation, a workshop and a conference) to connect with society across all the fields in which design plays a part.

The ESDIR is a public educational establishment located in the city of Logroño. It was founded in 1886, and since then has been dedicated to the teaching of the arts and design. Since 2010 it has offered higher education arts degrees in the specialities of Graphic Design, Product Design, Interior Design and Fashion Design.

During the academic year 2016-2017 they introduced the Masters in Comprehensive Packaging Design for the Food and Wine Industry, and in 2018 they will launch a Masters in Design and Innovation of Footwear.

The ESDIR is an institution which, in its desire to get bring its students together with renowned designers and creatives, organises conferences, workshops and various activities to better train its students.

I´m design

Exhibition Hall of the La Rioja School of Design
Paseo de Dax 2

26 April to 27 May

Thursday 26 April, 20.00

Monday to Saturday 18.00 to 21.00
Sunday and holidays 12.00 to 14.00

I’m design is a very special exhibition on the subject of design, with the aim of clarifying the fundamental value of this creative discipline to society. It displays the solutions, projects and creations crafted in an academic context at the ESDIR in the Product Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design and Interior Design courses.


Workshop Caniche Editorial

As part of the subject Graphic Design Projects 4, focusing on editorial design, 3rd year Graphic Design students have created a fictional project, consisting of making an architectural catalogue published by publishers Caniche. During the workshop given by members of Caniche at ESDIRE, they will correct and comment on these catalogues, and our students will have the opportunity to learn how a publishers functions.

Friday 27 April – 09.30 with 3rd year Graphic Design students

Presentation by Angélica Barco

Thursday 26 April – 12.30 at the ESDIR conference hall

Intervention Places in the Garden

The Concéntrico 04 installation project at the ESDIR gardens is based on the practical reflection carried out by a group of students (2nd year Product and 3rd and 4th year Interiors) about the power of communication and semiotics of the specific materials around us and unique to the Festival. The aim is to create multiple spaces, separate but connected via the interests of the team and through their specific uses: the library, a platform to engage the public in the expectations of the group, directing looks, a space for graphic expression and a space for reflection. The ultimate goal of these spaces is to try and create a dialogue between the materials and their use.

ESDIR Gardens

27 April to 1 May

Con la colaboración de

Also at the festival