Finnish Sauna

Municipal Pilgrims Hostel

Concéntrico 04

Jairo Rodríguez

27 April to 20 May
27 April to 1 May, reservations at

The Finnish Sauna is designed by Jairo Rodríguez.  An architect and professor of architectural projects, and a true sauna expert, given that his doctoral thesis was a study on the historical evolution of the sauna in Finnish architecture.

The Finnish sauna is known throughout the world for its multiple benefits for both mind and health. In Finland the sauna culture is so important that there are some 3.2 million saunas for a population of just over 5 million inhabitants. Apart from being a source of health, saunas are also a social and family event for the Finns. Concéntrico, in collaboration with the Ibero-American Institute of Finland, offers you the chance to try out and experience the authentic Finnish Sauna without even having to leave the city. This temporary Finnish sauna will be open to the general public at Municipal Pilgrims Hostel from 27 April to 1 May, till 20 May for Pilgrims.

Jairo Rodríguez

Architect at OA estudio


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