La Plaza

Plaza de San Bartolomé
Concéntrico 04

Sebastián Andrés Podesta and Lucas Seré Peltzer


In Plaza de San Bartolomé, a simple intervention brings together the existing space and calls for contemplation, reflection.

Removing the benches from the square, we offer two resting points at either end, two concrete blocks connected by a mirror of water, to synthesize the act of feeling and growing closer to its essence. A set of element that proposes we exist, observe, connect with the visible and with each other.

The situation suggests but does not direct – each approach will take you to different places; to the dissolution of boundaries; to canals, the past and the origin; to the preservation of historic urban heritage; to human connections. By getting our feet wet we integrate with one another, we are equal: all footprints dry on the stone floor.

Lucas Seré Paltzer and Sebastián Andrés Podestá

Lucas Seré Paltzer and Sebastián Andrés Podestá with La Plaza, are the winners of the competition held by Concéntrico 04 to design the intervention in the Plaza de San Bartolomé.

Trained in architecture, the pair studied together at the University of Buenos Aires. They took different paths, Sebastián choosing architecture and teaching, while Lucas opted for art and photography. In 2014 they began to work together, embarking on journeys and experiences that brought them into contact with people and ways of living, witnessing situations and realities of the human condition and the contemporary world. Their joint mission is to deal with these human and social issues within the field of art and architecture.

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