Plaza Santa Ana

Plaza de Santa Ana is a tricky place surrounded by new buildings and one beautiful stone church wall. There are many pieces of urban equipment such as benches, children playgrounds, trash cans and lamps. All this makes it difficult to intervene with some object that would fit in the environment. We chose the lamps (or rather lanterns because those are bit historical looking) as the most interesting piece to use for the installation.

During twilight when the lamps start to shine, atmosphere of the plaza will change. Darkness hides the details and people passing the plaza change to silhouettes, colours will dim. That is the moment when our installation starts to work. It surrounds one of the lamps and creates unique meeting space. The installation is very subtle it winds up around the lantern as a spider web casting weird shadows. There are myriads of lamps around the world and there are many lamps in city Logroño there are plenty Lamps on Plaza de Santa Ana exactly it is six, but it gives us sense to make one of them special.

The Lantern is the place. The Lantern is a statue.

The Lantern is a wooden spider web. We have

fought for a long time with unlimited task and

limited space. We finally got it. In our designs,

night light lamps have always hindered us. At the

complicated Plaza de Santa Ana, we designed

an installation that uses the existing street

lighting. The wooden cage is a daily sunshade

and a glowing night lamp.


Seven days after we finished studies at Liberec, Faculty of Arts and architecture, we have established architectural studio The Mjölk architects. It was year 2008.After several years this boyish dream has become a well-known architectural company. Our architectural style characterizes the conceptual simplicity, truthfulness and youthful playfulness. We cooperate not only with private investors, but also with municipalities.We are interested in what is happening around us. We organize the film festival Kino Liberec and a series of cross-country races called Divočina. Except colorful portfolio of projects we spread our activities by teaching in Liberec, and participating in Czech and international workshops and lectures.

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