Educational spaces

Concéntrico 10

Red Planea – Fundación Daniel y Nina Carasso

Since 2015, the festival has carried out more than 120 urban installations, in addition to the ones we will carry out in 2024. Its development involves numerous collectives and entities that promote new collective practices in the public space from the local sphere: educational centres of different levels or associated cultural entities that weave a cohesive network with the city.

Within the social component that we have developed in Concentrico, processes have been opened with several educational centres so that the installations and their methodologies remain in their courtyards once the festival is over. As a novelty, we will carry out two special projects with the French designer Matali Crasset and the Spanish artist Maider López, which will be developed in 20 educational centres throughout Spain in the 2024/25 school year.

These interventions will deseasonalise the Concéntrico proposals, as the work is extended through shared processes. The projects are carried out in collaboration with the art and school network PLANEA, an initiative of the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation, and the Government of La Rioja through the Centro Riojano de Innovación Educativa.

In 2024 we incorporated the proposals:

Outpost Office with the methodology Drawing with robots that will modify the patterns of use of the playgrounds of two centres: IES Batalla de Clavijo and CEIP Duquesa de la Victoria.

Alei Verspoor with a series of workshops, which can be extended to all citizens and schoolchildren – families, based on an open process with the Escuela Superior de Diseño de La Rioja, from the fashion and interiors department.

Cuaderno de surcos by ji arquitectos + Blas Antón for Viña Lanciano. Through a poem, they propose to rethink the landscape of La Rioja through drawings by primary school children, an open call to explore themes such as landscape linked to the identity of the territory, ecology, sustainability and the plant environment.

The Street in 10 Years, an open programme with Porto Academy, in which we incorporate IES Sagasta to study the environment of La Glorieta, Duquesa de la Victoria street and Beti Jai for a period of 10 years.

Public Utilities

The installation is part of an ongoing investigation into the civic potential of notation. Can we make architecture through drawing — not as instructions for building, but as space itself?

Outpost Office
Plaza 1º Mayo + Schools


Concentrico celebrates its 10th anniversary and in this period it has kept fabrics from the installations of the past editions. To commemorate its birthday, Alei Verspoor will reuse these fabrics in a new process.

Alei Verspoor
Centro Cultura del Rioja
Intervention – Workshop

Cuaderno de surcos

A visual landscape on the natural lines drawn by the vineyards, reinterpreted through intuition: a reading with extensible industrial artefacts that allow us to decide and customise the environment.

ji architects + Blas Antón
Lanciano Vineyard

Educational spaces

Concéntrico 09

Red Planea – Fundación Daniel y Nina Carasso

These interventions deseasonalise the Concéntrico proposals, as the work is extended through shared processes. In some cases they will remain until the month of August, such as the Birdhouses that facilitate nesting throughout the season, or indefinitely in the school playground in the case of the Studio Ossidiana sandboxes.

The garden of intersections

Studio Ossidiana – Plaza San Bartolomé

One of these experiences is carried out with the intervention of Studio Ossidiana, which inhabits the Plaza de San Bartolomé and then moves on to the Las Gaunas school, a nursery and primary school where they are developing design processes with the pupils. During two weeks in April, the teaching staff will carry out different activities using the installation as a vehicle to talk about territory and pigments (the sandboxes incorporate different soils from La Rioja) and also about the city, as the project bases its architecture on local heritage (castles, battlements, windows…).

La rebelión del Crazy Army

Recetas Urbanas – IES Batalla de Clavijo surroundings

Along the same lines, the Recetas Urbanas project (Santiago Cirugeda and Alice Attout) in the surroundings of the IES Batalla de Clavijo has brought together all levels of high school in a collective strategy that proposes to “storm” the centre from the outside by means of walkways, Trojan horses, mobile towers, zip lines… These collective constructions will be coordinated by different technicians, teachers and advisors, who will collaborate in the process and in the assembly, including, in addition, some members of the Lakalle Association, which, although based in Vallecas, will come to collaborate in this experience. In this way, the teenagers become the main actors and propose alternative ways of using public spaces in connection with the “Batalla”.

Birdhouses Glorieta

Hollmén Reuter Sandman – Glorieta del Doctor Zubía

The Finnish architectural studio incorporates sensitivity to the environment, materials and landscape to re-inhabit La Glorieta, the city’s central park. An analysis of the site, together with species research with local ornithologists, has resulted in an intervention that incorporates 24 bird boxes to recover the birds that migrate from March onwards. The Sagasta Secondary School and its Biology students will study the most frequent species of birds and bats in the Glorieta: by means of cards on each one, observations, taking photographs, in a strategy to understand and care for the environment of the schools.

Spaces and Education

Among the various activities in the interventions and centres, we propose the Conversations on Spaces and Education, CRIE and Red Planea together with educational centres in La Rioja with:

Sofía Coca, ZEMOS98 / PLANEA, art and school network
Cristina Alba, Cotidiana SCA cooperative of architects
Alicia Bernardos, IES Menéndez Pelayo (Getafe)

Date: 27 April 2023
Time: 19:00 hours
Place: Esdir conference room

The Garden of Intersections

An inhabitable tribute to the soils of the city and of its territory, a sequence of mineral filled rooms, where to play, dig, or draw on the ground itself.

Studio Ossidiana
Plaza de San Bartolomé

La Rebelión del Crazy Army

Students and teachers are considering an “assault” on the school, understanding the relationship between the buildings that make it up and its immediate surroundings.

Recetas Urbanas
IES Batalla de Clavijo

Glorieta Birdhouses

The proposal emphasizes nature’s presence in the city centre, with the help of a local ornithologist association, and enriches its biodiversity by introducing birdhouses.

Hollmen Reuter Sandman Architects
Glorieta del Doctor Zubía

With the support of