Monica Vitti

Matilde Cassani Studio (Matilde Cassani, Leonardo Gatti, Cecilia da Pozzo)

The Street in 10 Years

The Adventure is a drama film directed by Michelangelo Antonioni. In the movie, in a 4-minute-long fixed camera scene, Sandro, architect, is sitting on a bench, and Monica Vitti approaches him and, with difficulty, caresses him. Monica is our strategy for the next 10 years of Logroño.

Monica Vitti is the evolution of a bench into a traffic barrier, a pedestrian crossing, an illuminated.

street, an advertising sign, a new front façade.

Monica Vitti connects Beti Jai street and La Glorieta park with the consequent effect of creating a public space in Calle Duquesa de la Victoria.

By pedestrianizing this part of the city, the urban public scene of the medieval city centre is reconnected with the night life happening in Calle Pdte. Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo. The result is a continuous public space.

Monica Vitti simultaneously works as an observation and contemplative instrument, as a linking element between two neighbourhoods, and as a meeting point where new human relationships are born. Monica Vitti is an urban device able to unify this fragmented part of the city in the next 10 years. Monica Vitti predicts a future where benches will become scenography for any citizens purposes.

In 2024 the area will be just temporarily pedestrianized and will attract a growing number of people. During the inaugural day, a line of people will walk around the area with torches.

In 2029 this fractured environment will be a huge pedestrian promenade able to host installations, exhibitions, meetings, and activities that propose new collective uses. The park will not be used only during the day by the school audience but also during nights and weekends. Will host various activities such as markets, concerts, festivals, will host new public furniture and a new illumination system.

In 2034 a new paving system will invade Calle Duquesa de la Victoria, traffic will be diverted towards Avenida de la Paz, a continuous public space will connect two areas of the city which hardly met before.

Matilde Cassani Studio

Matilde Cassani moves on the border between architecture, installation and event design. Her practice deals with the spatial implications of cultural pluralism in the contemporary Western city. Her works have been showcased in many cultural institutions, art galleries and were published in several magazines such as Architectural Review, Domus, Abitare, Flash art, Arkitecktur, Arqa.7. She was recently involved in the Chicago Architecture triennale, Oslo Triennale and Manifesta12. She currently teaches at Politecnico di Milano, at Domus Academy and at the Architectural Association in London working with Unit 11.