Urban Salon

Plaza del Revellín
Concéntrico 02

Gabrielle Vinson, Quentin Devoyer and Edwin Toledo

The Plaza del Revellín is not a square like any other. Its morphology, which is very long and not very open, gives it a feeling of intimacy. Moreover, due to its position, it is sheltered by the boundary of what remains of the city wall of Logroño.

Our installation captures this notion of intimacy and reinforces it by inviting people to enter this space, crossing the threshold of the square. Through its domestic character and suggested interiority, the intention is to question the role and use of the square within the city.

Gabrielle Vinson, Quentin Devoyer and Edwin Toledo

France – Exchange / Festival des Architectures Vives Montpellier

His paths meet during his studies at the National School of Architecture in Montpellier, France in 2006.
France, Mexico, Holland and Argentina are places that have enriched his professional and personal career.

Sharing their taste for experimentation, they intend to confront new realities by responding in a contextual way. The exchange they intend to have with the public is based on sensory stimulation, they call on the collective imagination to value and enrich spaces, to improve their interaction with the user. Through drawing, architecture, urban planning and landscaping, they seek to respond to problems related to the place, its environment and its different scales.