Architectus Omnibus?

Museo Würth La Rioja
Concéntrico 02

20 April – 29 May 2016

The Museo Würth La Rioja is hosting the exhibition Architectus Omnibus? in the museum’s main atrium from 20 April to 29 May 2016 as part of the Concéntrico 02 programme. The exhibition brings together a set of ten projects selected in a public call aimed at Spanish and German architects within the framework of the VI Encuentro Hispano-Alemán de Cultura organised by the Goethe-Institut and the Instituto Cervantes. The aim of the meeting was to promote the exchange of ideas and strengthen cooperation between German and Spanish cultural agents.

The selected projects have a philosophy close to the Decalogue of Freshlatino2 (10 concepts devised by the architect Andrés Jaque, Silver Lion Award at the Venice Biennale 2014). The selection process was carried out by a working group led by the director of the Architekturmuseum and professor of architectural history and curatorial practices at the Technische Universität München Andres Lepik, the architect and curator of architectural exhibitions Ariadna Cantis and the architect and theorist Andrés Jaque, currently professor at Columbia University and the School of Architecture at Princeton University.

The exhibition of these ten Architectus Omnibus? projects showcases various proposals by architects from both countries that vindicate the sustainable awareness of architecture through new attitudes and ways of understanding the profession. The ten selected projects offer examples of creative responses to the current needs of society, architectures that are positioned in the context of social responsibility and in which creativity is manifested both in the results and in the working methods. Multidisciplinarity, collaborative practices, recycling, sustainability, innovation, ecology, experimentation, recontextualisation and self-construction are some of the profiles of these proposals, which are committed to returning to the local and local, to citizen empowerment and the reactivation of the city.

Projects on display
Arquitecturas Torres Nadal | My House is Your Museum
ExposeProposePoliticise* | Right to Infrastructure
Christine Bock & Ulrich Pappenberger | The Kotti Principle
kollektivHabitüde (now: ENTER THIS) | U-Rangerie
Marina Fernández Ramos | Tejiendo La Calle
Pedro Pitarch | Archipiélago Lab
Sara López and Nacho Ruiz | Learning from the Watersheds
Stiftung Freizeit | La Oficina de los Deseos (The Wishing Office)
TallerDE2, Gutiérrez-DelaFuente | Children’s Day Centre | Children’s Day Centre
Todo Por la Praxis | Do It Yourself Institute

The exhibition was presented for the first time during the VI Encuentro Hispano-Alemán de Cultura at the Cervantes Institute in Berlin, accompanied by conferences and round tables that dealt with the definition of the architect of the 21st century. It was subsequently shown at the La Arquería exhibition hall in Madrid, with the support of the Ministry of Public Works, Directorate General of Architecture, Housing and Land, coinciding with the XII Architecture Week 2015 and with activities related to the theme.

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