Hortus Conclusus

Patio de Ruavieja
Concéntrico 02

María Beni Ezquerro, Isabel Castillón and Rocío García


Winning project of the Ruavieja Intervention Design Competition

A hortus conclusus or “closed orchard” is the typical figure of the garden in the Middle Ages. A small oasis isolated from the city in the form of a cloister. In the courtyard of the municipal police, in the heart of the medieval city of Logroño, we wanted to plant our own hortus conclusus, a colourful oasis with such autochthonous species as the Soria mushrooms.

It is our small tribute to the city of Logroño through the difficult decisions that the people of Logroño face every day; Pan hueco or Pan sobao, that is the question.

Project carried out in collaboration with Luis Castillón arquitectura.

María Beni Ezquerro, Isabel Castillón Gómez and Rocío García Samaniego

Architects from the schools of Barcelona, Madrid and Valladolid, their careers have taken them to Sao Paulo, Bordeaux, Senegal and Paris.

In their work they want to unite their common origin in La Rioja with the different experiences they have had throughout their career. Through colour and form they seek to connect the human and the vegetable in a dynamic and fun way, filling the urban space with sensorial elements.