Urban Wedge

Information Pavilion
Plaza Escuelas Trevijano
Concéntrico 02

David Bergasa

The proposal is based on the cube as a simple platonic solid, which is divided diagonally to create a wedge that becomes the main pavilion and landmark of the festival.

The piece is strategically placed in the Trevijano schools square, reinforcing the axis formed by the tree and the sculpture in homage to the Valvanerada, creating a space delimited by the previous elements and the pavilion. A living space, for small performances, as a meeting point and the start of the route. The pavilion with its stands becomes one more element of “street furniture” that rises up towards Portales street to attract the attention of passers-by.

Inside, the different information about the festival is displayed both on the vertical walls and on the inclined plane of the roof. This plane is always visible, even when the pavilion is closed, thanks to the mobile element at the entrance. At night the pavilion turns into a lamp facing Portales street and the square.

David Bergasa

Since 2005 he has worked regularly in the architectural firm Blasco y Esparza, with offices in Tudela and Pamplona, drafting projects and competitions of all kinds. In 2006 I started working in my own studio, Bergasa Arquitectura, with an office in Alfaro.

During these years he has also combined his work with teaching and research as an associate lecturer at the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra in the subject of descriptive geometry and technical drawing and as an assistant lecturer in the subject of projects for the Master’s degree in architectural design at the same school. His research experience is related to the wineries built in the 20th century in the Rioja and Rioja Alavesa.