Plaza Santa Ana
Concéntrico 02

Daniel Montes – Sara Canalejas

The Santa Ana square is a new space, which in addition to serving as a courtyard for the new buildings, allows the connection between the adjacent streets, becoming to a large extent a place of passage. It is worth highlighting the elongated shape of this space, with numerous nooks and crannies, equipped with urban furniture located in a very dispersed manner.

Taking the card game of the designers Charles & Ray Eames as a reference, from the 18 panels supplied, 108 identical pieces with slits in their sides were produced. These machined pieces, easily manipulated by one person, are assembled to generate infinite artefacts, capable of transforming the square depending on their size and location.

The intervention is based on the construction of three artefacts, placed at specific points, generating tensions, new routes and visually connecting the space as landmarks in such a fragmented square.

Daniel Montes + Sara Canalejas

Daniel Montes and Sara Canalejas are architects from the International University of Catalonia ESARQ/UIC, graduating in 2005. Since 2004 they have collaborated in different architectural studios in Barcelona, being responsible for projects in the office of Josep Miàs. In 2008 they set up their own architecture studio in La Rioja, where they alternate their participation in public competitions with commissions for equipment and residential projects. In recent years the studio has specialised in integral building rehabilitation systems and in the design of almost zero consumption housing, using bioclimatic architecture techniques.