Viña Lanciano de Bodegas LAN
Concéntrico 03

TAKK (Mireia Luzárraga + Alejandro Muiño)

For the activity in Viña Lanciano, we propose a picnic. A public space. A space for meeting up, sitting, watching, talking, drinking, and eating.

A structure that consists of a “round bed,” five metres in diameter, with an enclosure that rises to six metres to create a space in the transparent landscape of the wind, the light, and the views, where people can gather.

A space where, through food and drink, the materials that re-coat the structure and the aviaries that crown it enable us to relate with the surroundings.

The structure would be made entirely of milled Garnica wood, from the platform up to the floor, including the feeders and fountains for the birds at the top and the structure holding up the enclosure.

Outside, these spaces are joined together by a series of braided cords that, in addition to providing stability to the entire structure, facilitate the creation of a blanket by binding together flowers and sticks that can be found in the area.

Bodegas LAN, since the last edition of Concéntrico, has provided wine for the festival, and has a special place in the programming of Concéntrico 03, with the Viña Lanciano activity, in El Cortijo, embraced by a spectacular bend in the Ebro River.

TAKK (Mireia Luzárraga + Alejandro Muiño)

Takk (Mireia Luzárraga + Alejandro Muiño) is a space for architectural production focused in the development of experimental and speculative material practices in the intersection between nature and culture in the contemporary framework, with a special attention on the overcoming of anthropocentrism on its different ways (political, ecological, cultural, ​on gender…), and also on the definition of new notions of beauty through the articulation of the difference by assembling a multiplicity of materials from different origins and conditions, paying attention both to their physical properties and to their symbolic associations.
Mireia Luzárraga (madrid, 1981) and Alejandro Muiño (barcelona, 1982) are architects since 2008 graduated with honors for Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (ETSAM-UPM) and Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura del Vallés (ETSAV-UPC) respectively and M.Arch. Architects for Universidad Internacional de Cataluña (ESARQ-UIC).

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