The City Itinerary

Plaza de Santa Ana
Concéntrico 03

Domingo García-Pozuelo and Antonio García-Pozuelo

If there is one fact that has affected the urban development of Logroño throughout the centuries, it is, without doubt, the decision of Sancho the Great to have the Way of Saint James routed through our city. The subsequent medieval land-parcelling had a notable lack of façades and a strongly built depth, and was implemented throughout the streets that run parallel to the Ebro River.

Our proposal intends to use geometric abstraction to create traffic between assimilable elements along tight façades, on which mirrors will be installed to reflect passers-by—that is, the walkers whose steps mark the imprint of the division of the land and the major areas of the city.

To achieve this, independent models will be constructed together to create two alternative and complementary paths, through which one can discern the historic setting through forced foreshortening, as the city itinerary was originally envisioned.

Domingo García-Pozuelo and Antonio García-Pozuelo

La Rioja