Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de la Rioja
Concéntrico 03

Hans-Martin Schlesier, Maxie Schneider y Aurora Domínguez, Berlín

The Concentrico festival de of architecture and design in Logrono invited Popticum for its 3rd edition. In the palmtree garden of the COAR Hans-Martin Schlesier, Maxie Schneider y Aurora Domínguez set up the installation and invited the spectators to experience the sourrounding in a transformed setting.


The POPTICUM Collective is a group of young architects and designers originated in 2014 at the University of Arts in Berlin.

The name Popticum is a combination between the word ´pop´ like pop-up or popcorn and ´opticum´ like panopticum.

“We use inflatable installations as a way of engaging a discussion about curatorial practice, opportunistic urbanism and the role of Architects and Designers as place-makers and provocateurs.”

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