The Centipede

Plaza de San Bartolomé
Concéntrico 03

Picado de Blas

This work consists of one long piece made up sever several hinged parts.
This “system,” though it does not visually affect the urban landscape to any excessive degree, nevertheless actively interferes in the usual foot traffic in the Plaza de San Bartolomé. It is a smooth, sinuous, table-height, horizontal line that meanders through the setting. It speaks to the boundaries of the plaza, which are distorted by its ephemeral form.
This will be a place that can be used spontaneously. The observer understands the plaza as a place where something will take place, or where something has taken place: a street market, a collective tasting, a furtive meal—anything that can happen at a table could happen here.

The installation consists of 20 boards that measure 1.22 x 2.50, and the intention is to attain the maximum length possible: 50 pieces and 100 feet will ensure that the centipede measures a full 100 metres. The simple assembly makes it necessary that every board rests on the next to create the complete piece.

As in the fable of the centipede and the spider, perhaps it is better to simple “act” than to stop and think…

Picado de Blas

Picado De Blas Arquitectos (María José de Blas y Rubén Picado ) is an architectural practice based in Madrid, Spain.