Silvia Bachetti – Agnese Casadio / Berlin – Bologna

Concéntrico 06 – Parking in El Espolón

The installation Arch-play is an invitation to shift our usual perspective on architecture and the city. It creates a new, playful relationship between the band of parking lots and the adjacent facades along Calle Muro de la Mata.

The distinctive archway architecture is extracted from its context and turned upside down, with colourful elastic nets located in lieu of arches.

The resulting installation transforms a solid piece of architecture into a soft landscape, a hybrid between an oversized urban sofa and a playground. Residents and visitors alike are invited to crawl in, lie down or roll around and jump on the net.

As such, not only does Arch-play establish a visual link with the setting, but it also enables new meaning and uses for the project site: from an area for vehicles and transit, into a place for rest and a unique opportunity for urban leisure and fun.

In flipping the point of view, it encourages people to reclaim the space of their cities with unconventional uses that foster social interaction.

Silvia Bachetti - Agnese Casadio

Silvia Bachetti is a landscape architect based in Berlin. After working for many years as a project leader for the design and competition team at Topotek 1, she has been working as a freelancer since 2017. Her work pushes the boundaries of landscape architecture into art, ecology and urban design.

Agnese Casadio is based in Bologna, where she works as an architect specialized on temporary installations, wood construction and lighting, both in exterior and interior.

Since meeting during their architecture studies in Ferrara, Italy, they have been sharing a common interest in cross-disciplinary, environmental sensitive design, leading them to collaborate on several projects across a variety of scales. Among their most recent works is the installation Dirtground, awarded for the Metis International Garden Festival 2019 in Canada.

In co-production with Istituto Italiano di Cultura