LAN – 4

oe architect – Alejandro Ramírez / Mexico

Installation at Viña Lanciano – Bodegas LAN

The design proposes an abstraction that starts from the figure of the wine bottle. Its elongated figure creates our shape; a tower that generates a landmark on the edge of one of the plots of Viña Lanciano, bringing its scale closer to the context of the river Ebro and the Mantible bridge. Its skin, made up of mirrors, creates reflections that contrast with the interior in Garnica plywood.

oe architect - Alejandro Ramírez

Architect from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 10 years of experience in Architectural Projects, Executive & Coordination of small and large scale projects, some of which have won the Biennial of Mexican Architecture Silver Medal in the years, 2016 & 2018, as coordinator of the area of Projects in renowned landscape architecture firm, located in Mexico City, Biópolis. Finalist in Archstorming international competition Mexico Pavilion, World Expos Imagine your National Pavilion (2018) & project in Archmedium Pro, NYVC, mixed program tower in New York City, United States, (2018).

In co-production with Bodegas LAN