Attila KIM & Bogdan CIOCODEICA

Installation at Concéntrico 06

Public space, beyond the obvious circulation purposes and regardless of the size of a settlement, should be about bringing people together and celebrating past and present moments of the life of a community. The quality of these common spaces directly influence our interactions as a group and have the power to generate civic cohesion and offer the opportunity for communication between the individuals of a diverse community, leading to a better understanding, acceptance and respect among different cultural backgrounds and values.

The installation proposed in Plaza del Revellín, in front of Parlamento de La Rioja, is a symbolic gesture that brings together for a fiesta all members of the multi-cultural community of Logroño. The official number of foreign residents is 17627*, representing 12% of the city’s population. The city is home of more than 10 ethnic groups, from almost all continents, the majority being from Romania, Pakistan, Morocco, Columbia, Bolivia and other South American countries.

The large platform floats above the pavement of the square like a supersized picnic blanket, that focuses the attention on the central table, a metaphor for friendship and openness. The graphical structure of the colourful surface is inspired by the geometrical patterns of traditional carpets, a common element of all ethnic groups, that uses the colours of the national flags, a simple, but relatable code for ethnic identification. The result is a patchwork, an almazuela, formed by all the national colours, expressing in the most comprehensive way the city’s multi-cultural fabric.

Symbolically, the invitation to this fiesta-table comes from the largest minority group of Logroño, the Romanian community, celebrating the first participation of the Romanian Cultural Institute at Concéntrico festival.

*  Data presented in Observatorio de la Ciudad, 1st of January 2020

Attila KIM & Bogdan CIOCODEICA

Attila KIM is a Bucharest based architect with extensive experience in architectural design, exhibition architecture, cultural event design and restoration, being nominated three times for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award (2009, 2011, 2017) the Iacov Chernikhov contemporary architecture award. In 2016 Attila KIM received the Arts and Society Leadership Award from Aspen Institute for his significant contribution to the enrichment of Romanian culture.

Best known for his work related to cultural buildings, his approach to design is always focused on simple, sustainable, yet original solutions, that highlight the inherent values of the site and establish a timeless dialogue between the existing elements, their history and the proposed interventions.

Attila KIM is the Commissioner of Romania at the Biennale di Venezia since 2016.


Bogdan Ciocodeica is a Bucharest based architect with a special interest in interior design, architecture, product design and public space interventions.

His professional approach could be labeled as ECLECTIC MINIMALISM, a mix of simple, clean lines and statement pieces that give character to a specific environment. It’s a very personal and intimate type of approach that puts the end user of the space at the center of the design. Always following the transition from idea to real life, his projects adapt to the changes that appear along the way without losing the initial concept, although keeping in mind that every project is an ever evolving organism that keeps morphing long after the architect has finished his work.

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