The Pavilion of Reverberations

Exhibition by CENTRALA (Małgorzata Kuciewicz, Simone De Iacobis)

Logroño Town Hall Exhibition Hall
3–27 September 2020

Exhibition organizer: Fundacja Bęc Zmiana
Coordination: Bogna Świątkowska
Production: Joanna Waśko
Graphic design: Zofka Kofta
Texts: Aleksandra Kędziorek

Exhibition organized with the support from:
Instituto Polaco de Madrid
Logroño City Council
Adam Mickiewicz Institute

The exhibition by Warsaw-based design collective CENTRALA ties the echoes of spatial phenomena observed in Warsaw and Logroño into an intriguing story on architecture and its planetary imagination.

What do Warsaw wetlands, Ebro Chiquito and aquatic plants have to do with architecture?According to Małgorzata Kuciewicz and Simone De Iacobis from CENTRALA, a lot. In its architecture research practice CENTRALA observes the relations between architecture and natural phenomena. They conceive architecture as a process rather than a static form, and consider gravity, water circulation, and atmospheric and astronomical events as its building materials. By combining an intimate, human scale with the scale of the planet, architecture helps us tune in with the rhythm of the surrounding world. It enhances our feeling of belonging to the natural world and opens us to the experience of the disappearing natural cycles. Similarly to Logroño’s Pavilion, whose name derives from a butterfly (Latin papilio), it points to the relations between microevents and changes occurring in the scale of the planet.

The Pavilion of Reverberations puts together echoes of phenomena that CENTRALA has experienced during their architectural research in Warsaw and Logroño. Memory of the landscape, watchfulness about changes, synchronicity with the natural cycles, enablement of nature, awareness of the deep time and circular health are topics that combine historical realizations, local architectural motifs, traditional ways of interacting with the landscape and CENTRALA’s contemporary designs. Presented at the exhibition and in form of six flags dispersed throughout Logroño’s historic city center, they encourage collective exercises on planetary imagination.


CENTRALA (Małgorzata Kuciewicz and Simone De Iacobis) creates proposals based on analyses of relations between architecture and various natural processes. They presented their findings in a solo exhibition „Amplifying Nature: The Planetary Imagination of Architecture in the Antropocene” in the Polish Pavilion at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale.Two years earlier, they designed the Polish exhibition at the 2016 Triennale di Milano. In 2021, CENTRALA will represent Poland at the London Design Biennale.

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