Arcos [Arches]

Jordi Galí with Jérémy Paon and Julien Quartier – Arrangement Provisoire

Concéntrico 06 installation

This installation was born with the desire to deploy a constructive and humane gesture in Santiago Square, throughout the duration of the festival.

Mineral and simple square, it seduced us by the minimalism of its soft curves, the breath it offers us, the rhythm of its cypresses and the opening of the sky towards the Ebro river.

With Arcos we wanted to symbolically reconnect the curves of Santiago Square with the old town of Logroño. First we extended the curves of this square into three imaginary, almost concentric horizontal circles – with its epicentre in front of the Moderno Café and touching each other on its sides in the Old Tobacco Factory. These imaginary circles then define the curve of the installation.

Respecting and emphasizing the great length of the square, we propose to make an installation of 40 meters long, 3 levels and drawing 2 soft and vertical arches. We also wanted to preserve the clear character of this space by using the panels in the simplest way possible.

A poetic, abstract and geometric intervention, Arcos is an immense house of cards that echoes the rhythm of the cypresses, prolonging an impossible perspective towards the back of the church.

This project also arises from a close and long collaboration between dancers and carpenters. Jordi Galí, artistic director of Arrangement Provisoire, a dance and public space project company, invites two of his collaborators: dancer and bricoleur Jérémy Paon, and Julien Quartier, co-founder – with Charles Robin – of De Facto, a workshop for cabinetmaking, stage design and contemporary art projects.

Conversation with Jordi Gali – Arrangement Provisoire
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Jordi Galí with Jérémy Paon and Julien Quartier

Born in Barcelona, Jordi Galí studied contemporary dance and worked with Wim Vandekeybus, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Maguy Marin, among others. In addition, Jordi Galí developed his own personal work and created Cie Arrangement Provisoire in 2007.

His work articulates the relations between the body and the materials and is especially directed to the public space. Monumental and ephemeral constructions, his performances open a special temporality in an urban or landscape environment. His objective is to propose to the inhabitants-public-users new perceptions of a context of daily life.

Jordi Galí is an artist associated with Ramdam – centre d’art from 2011 to 2014. With Vania Vaneau, they are artists associated to the Pacifico – CDCN of Grenoble (2016/2020), and then to the ICI – CCN Montpellier, direction Christian Rizzo (2020-2022) within the program of the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

Jérémy Paon is a dancer and Julien Quartier is a dancer and carpenter. Both work with Jordi Gali and his team for several years.

In co-production with Institut français