Concéntrico Marathon

29 April – 3 May 2020

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The festival returns to its usual dates with a new format: Concéntrico Marathon. An online program with 11 live talks on Instagram with several of the participants of the sixth edition as Mecanismo, Anna & Eugeni Bach or Jordi Gali, as well as with architects and curators who have passed through the festival to talk about their projects, architecture and city, new contents on the website and a collective album under the hashtag #maratónconcéntrico.

Live at @concentricofestival
Talks in Instagram with several of the teams participating in the sixth edition about the work processes in the city and a tour with the international speakers who have accompanied us in the different editions of Concentrico.

Collective album of the 5 editions
Photographs of the five editions on different platforms.

Every year at this time, the networks are flooded with photos of the festival. This year, we have to wait a few more months to discover Concentrico 06, but during these days we want to build a collective album with images from these five years #maratónconcéntrico

Gallery on the website
The website expands the contents of the Directos, with tabs on the installations of the sixth edition, as well as the virtual gallery of the finalists of the competitions we are calling for in 2019.

Wednesday 29th

Mecanismo – Pedro Rica and Marta Urtasun
We will talk about their project for the sixth edition of the festival: Banquín, a large collective bench of 20 metres, and its relationship with the urban scale, the city and its possible locations in Logroño.


Archdaily – Danae Santibañez
Architect, cultural manager and critic, we will share her vision and experience in Chilean institutions, such as the Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism of Chile, and her work of diffusion in Plataforma Arquitectura, media partner of the festival.

Thursday 30th April

Anna & Eugeni Bach
@anna_k_bach / @eugenibach
We will talk about their project for the festival: Sticks & Stones, an artifact for a space as unique as the Calado de San Gregorio.


Architectural Affairs – Andreia Garcia
Architect, curator, researcher and university professor, we will share her vision and experience in institutions such as the European Capital of Culture in Guimarães or the Biennial of Maia, to talk about her work as a curator, her own gallery and work in the publishing world.

Friday 1st May

Jordi Gali – Arrangement Provisoire
We present its development for the festival, the installation Arcos on the platform that connects the Church of Santiago with the park of the Ebro.


La Forêt Monumentale – Hugo Dermien
Public Art Festival in Rouen, France, with which the Concéntrico Festival has a collaboration agreement.

Saturday 2nd May

TSMGO – Marta Terrazas and José Luis Casao
As authors of the festival’s identity, we talked about the graphic evolution of the festival through the proposals since 2015.


E. Architecture of Toledo – Carlos A. Wandosell
The guest school of the sixth edition has proposed an exercise with the fifth year students for the development of a cover in the Library of La Rioja.


Bellastock – Antoine Aubinais
Architect, curator and researcher, we will talk about Bellastock, an association of which he is co-founder and currently responsible for international development with presence in countries such as Canada, China, Chile or Spain.

Sunday 3rd May

Prismarium – Ignacio Hornillos and Javier F. Contreras
Winners of the call for the design of the Pavilion of Concéntrico 06, we present Prismarium with its architects authors.


SZCZ – Jakub Szczęsny
Author of Taburete Tower, project of the fifth edition, the Polish architect continued with the same philosophy replicating the installation in India.